Shooting at Cart-Ridge shooting Grounds - Cornwall
Clay Shooting Event at Cart-Ridge in Cornwall
Shooting at Cart-Ridge shooting Grounds
Clay Shooting Event at Cart-Ridge in Cornwall
Gun Shop Cornwall
The Gun Shop at Cart-Ridge in Cornwall
Shooting at Cart-Ridge shooting Grounds - Cornwall
Clay Shooting Event at Cart-Ridge in Cornwall

2021 Clay Shoot Fixtures

Our Next shoot is on Saturday 12th June 2021, To book contact Joan on 07734852045

Stay safe and keep your family, friends and neighbours safe!

Tel Joan on 07734852045 or Contact on Messenger
Cart-Ridge David Dingle Joan

or email:

When turning up to shoot, if early …remain in your vehicle… limited amount of people in the clubhouse, accepting if you have a bubble group!
The NHS  contact tracing app is available in various places around the clubhouse for shooters to use!
Do not attend if you have any cold/flu type symptoms! Such as a temperature, new continuous cough, breathing difficulties, loss or change of usual taste or smell (anosmia being the most common symptom to COVID 19) and should not attend until you have completed the recommended period of self isolation and have fully recovered!
Do not take a risk….. STAY HOME!
TOILET – Use the Top/Shop end of the Clubhouse for ENTRY!!  There is full hand washing facilities, with paper towels and wipes etc in the toilet in the clubhouse…. Please use the lower clubhouse door for EXIT ! Please note that outside the toilet door is a bucket with wipes in, to use for the toilet door handle ‼️
Wipes and hand gel is available in various places in the clubhouse and out on the ground on each of the stands! Please ensure you use it!
Face masks or face shields to be worn in the clubhouse at all times!! PLEASE! . This Pandemic is not going away! (There is hope!) but if you wish to keep on shooting keep up with the guidelines ‼️
Social distance of at least two metres to be adhered to, and no looking over the shoulders of other shooters!
The slot/groups are at 15 minute intervals (no more than 6 to a group. )
If you wish to spend time socialising with your group ….. this will need to be done outside the clubhouse !!
There will be NO cooked food served! Although pasties and sausage rolls will be available from around 12MD. Shooters may want to reserve a pasty for when they come back in from shooting! ❓
PLEASE do NOT bring any shooting equipment into the clubhouse‼️ Thank you!
We are sure you will all be happy to abide by the guidance/rules ‼️❓
FURTHER guidance/information may be posted in due course!

For the moment there is no Hot Food available, (until further notice!) but Teas, coffees, Cold Drinks, Chocolate, Cake and Biscuits will be available.  Pasties and Sausage Rolls are available from around 12md.

Please do NOT attend if you have any Covid 19 Symptoms.


PLEASE Keep an eye  out for any changes to the shoot list Here!!

The Maximum Cartridge Load to be used – no greater than 28 Grams and from Shot size 6 to 9 only, on OPEN Shoots!!  We are shortly going to be a Fibre Wad only ground,  We will notify you as soon as the decision has been made final. 

Dates may be subject to change! Please check before travelling!

A Current Shotgun Licence to be shown when booking in and when purchasing cartridges! Gamebore Cartridges available!

Fixtures 2021